Self Storage can provide self storage for the Melbourne area and surrounding suburbs. Get a quote for your self storage needs today.

With old fashion self storage units you need to bring your storage to the facility, while with our portable storage units, we bring the storage space to you.

First of all, because we bring the portable module directly to your home or business, you load only one time, not twice. Then after it’s securely loaded — and locked by you — we take it to our safe, secure and clean storage facility. You’ll also like the fact that you’ll pay a fixed price for the Supercheap Storage module size that’s best for your needs. And that fixed rate will be less than virtually anyone else charges.
A self storage experience that allows you to keep your self esteem.
Getting your items back will be as equally easy, efficient and flexible as it was having them stored with us. That’s because you have the choice of having the module returned to the front door of your home or business, or you can come to our facility to pick up your items.

The point is, from when you first call us, to the day you get your items back from Supercheap Storage, you’ll be treated with the respect, courteousness and professionalism you deserve.

Which are great for all sorts of items from smaller compact items like packed boxes of clothes, toys and collectibles, and files to bulkier items like furniture, machinery and other equipment. Our staff have lots of experience to give you the right advice and help you pick the right Module for you so that you pay for just what you need.


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National Storage can provide self storage for the Port Melblourne area and surrounding suburbs. Get a quote for your self storage needs today. Read more…

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